Headquartered in Springfield, Virginia, Sunnect develops, manufactures, and markets the AP501 Advanced Protection digital door lock.

We focus on customer service based on trust and responsibility and on quality products based on innovation and balance.

Sunnect has set a strategic goal of working with door lock distributors and door lock professionals to continue to make the very best door lock that meets the following 5 requirements:

Real Security. Our lock has to be one tough security device, first and foremost.
Total Convenience. We take full advantage of the digital technology.
Exceptional Style. Our lock has to match the beauty of the most elegant homes while matching the finishes of existing knobs, levers, and handles so that they can be used together.
Unmatched Warranty. Our lock has to be robust and reliable, and we stand by our lock with a 2-year warranty that covers all the parts, compared to a 1-year electronics warranty from other manufacturers.

We also make it easy to get warranty service by offering an option to get a replacement lock immediately without having to send in the old lock first.

Easy Installation. Keeping the do-it-yourselfers as well as trade professionals in mind, we made sure our lock is guaranteed to fit the standard door preparations and simplified the installation process so that an installation can be completed in 20 to 30 minutes using just a screwdriver.

Driven by these requirements, we continue to work with excellent partners in the door lock wholesale industry as well as in the industrial design, engineering, and manufacturing industries, to offer the Sunnect AP501 Advanced Protection digital door lock, a deadbolt lock that meets the 5 requirements with flying colors.

We are proud to offer the AP501 to our customers and we appreciate the value of a big smile on your face.