AP501 Installation Manual
[4.4 MB]
AP501 Installation Manual in Spanish
[3.6 MB]
Drilling Template
(English and Spanish)
[0.2 MB]
AP501 Leaflet 1
[1.6 MB]
AP501 Leaflet 2
(English and Spanish)
[1.9 MB]
AP501 Vertical Sign 1
[2.8 MB]
AP501 Vertical Sign 2
[5.1 MB]
AP501 Bullet Test Video
(High Resolution)
[17.3 MB]
"A Completely New Design for an Electronic Deadbolt from Sunnect Inc" by Richard Dickey, The National Locksmith Magazine, January 2009
[2.2 MB]
Electronic Deadbolt Comparison
[0.1 MB]