Thank you for purchasing a Sunnect AP501 Advanced Protection digital door lock and we are sorry that you are having a problem with the lock. We are here to help you. Please follow the steps described here so that we may serve you expeditiously.

Summary of Sunnect’s Warranty Service Procedure

  • Protects the original user against defects in material and workmanship in the original installation.
  • Warranty does not cover abused or misused products, or products used in commercial applications.
  • Sunnect will repair or replace the product, or refund the purchase price in exchange for the product.
  • In no event shall Sunnect be liable for any incidental or consequential damages arising from the sale or use of the product.

Please refer to the Two-Year Limited Warranty page for details.

3 Easy Steps for Obtaining Warranty Service:

  • Step 1. Call Sunnect at 1-877-DOORLOK (1-877-366-7565) or file a Service Request Form online to start a case.
  • Step 2. After an initial diagnosis over the phone, obtain a service case number.
  • Step 3. Send the old lock to Sunnect with the service case number and a copy of the receipt.

Your lock will be returned to you repaired or replaced or you will be contacted for a refund.

Cost of Shipping

You are responsible for the cost of shipping the old lock to Sunnect, but Sunnect will ship the repaired or replaced lock free of charge to you, via Ground shipping, with Express shipping available for additional charge, within the 48 contiguous states.

Express Option

If you would like to receive a replacement lock immediately without sending in the old lock, you may use our Express Option. Follow the 3 Easy Steps described above but request the Express Option. With the Express Option, you will need a valid credit card.

We offer this option for those customers whose lock is clearly malfunctioning due to a defect in material or workmanship and need a replacement lock as soon as possible for security reasons.

Please refer to the Two-Year Limited Warranty page for details.