Thank you for your interest in becoming a Sunnect distributor. We are here to serve you so that you can serve your customers better. There are three types of distributors we support: retail, wholesale, and online. We look forward to hearing from you and starting a great relationship with you.

Benefits of Being a Sunnect Distributor

1. Quality Product. The AP501 is a reliable digital door lock that combines the security of robust design and construction with the convenience of high-tech functions. We stand by our product with a 2-year limited warranty for all parts including all electronic parts. As a distributor, you will be proud to be serving your customers with a product that they will be happy with for many years.

2. Customer Service. You will be doing business with a company who values customer service and quality products. All of our business operations are focused on those two values and we do our very best to keep our customers happy, including all of our distributors. You will enjoy our prompt and courteous service.

3. Growth Business. Digital door locks are relatively new in the United States but the market is growing fast. The AP501 is at the cusp of this fast-growing market. As a Sunnect distributor, you will be able to join us in making this market grow even faster and reaping the benefits of such growth.

4. Streamlined Support. Once a sale is made to an end-user consumer, Sunnect takes over the role of supporting the customer and, as a distributor, you need not be concerned about warranty service. You may optionally choose to offer installation service for an additional fee, however. Please contact us for more details about this awesome warranty service.

Please contact Sunnect using the information on the Contact Us page or fill out the following few fields so that we may further discuss with you about the financial benefits as well as requirements of being a Sunnect distributor.