Commended by The National Locksmith magazine as one tough deadbolt lock "built like a tank," the Sunnect AP501 Advanced Protection Digital Deadbolt Lock boasts advanced engineering and patent-pending digital technology that combine to guard your home or office. This advanced security system offers keyless entry with a backlit keypad, "decoy digits" to deter hackers, an intruder alarm, and more, all in a durable, rigorously tested, deadbolt model.

The Sunnect AP501 Advanced Protection Digital Door Lock:
  • Is one tough deadbolt lock "built like a tank"
    -- The National Locksmith
  • Offers keyless entry and digital key entry options
  • Allows "decoy digits" to be entered to deter hackers and enhance security
  • Is pickproof and bump key-proof
  • Comes in 3 popular finishes
  • Only requires a screwdriver to install on a standard door with no additional drilling or wiring

Entry is granted when the right Tag Key is touched.

Since there is no conventional keyhole, lock-picking is eliminated. View larger.

The deadbolt can be used alone or with other door hardware (not included). View larger.

Highest Level of Security for Your Home or Office
The Sunnect AP501 Advanced Protection Digital Deadbolt Lock is stylish enough to complement any decor, and it's built to last. Designed by a team of industry-leading engineers and manufactured by state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities with ISO 9001 (Quality Management) and ISO 14001 (Environmental Management Systems) certifications, the AP501 features high-quality construction with durable materials that can stand up to kicking, sawing, hammering, and prying.

Digital Key Entry
This digitally-controlled deadbolt lock comes with two electronic Tag Keys. The lock allows entry when a valid Tag Key is touched. And there's no need to worry about lost or stolen Tag Keys compromising the security of your home or office; this system lets you simply delete them from the lock, so they are useless to anyone who might find them.

Keyless Entry
You also have the option of using the keyless entry function. Simply choose your own passcode between three and 20 digits, enter it in just three quick and easy steps, and you're ready to go. The lock's "decoy digits" feature deters hackers by allowing random digits to be entered before the real passcode.

Pickproof and Bump Key-Proof
By eliminating the conventional keyhole, this system prevents lock-picking or keyhole vandalism with sand, gum, or glue. In short, it offers effective prevention to almost any break-in situation.

Convenience of Digital Technology - Let the Door Lock Itself
The built-in Auto Lock option automatically locks your door when it's closed, so you have one less thing to remember on your way out, or in. All you have to do is close the door and the door is locked within 3 seconds. (The Auto Lock feature can be turned off using the Auto Lock On/Off switch.)

Never Get Locked Out
The keyless entry feature lets you in without having to carry a key, perfect when you are going out for a run or walk and don't feel like carrying a key. Plus, if the batteries are completely drained, you can still get in by holding a 9V battery up to the temporary power terminal and using a valid Tag Key or the passcode. (For a few weeks before the batteries are completely drained, you get an audible and visual low-battery warning giving you plenty of time to replace them.)

Master Function
The AP501 has a built-in master function so that you can give out your user passcode and let others change it knowing that you can always get into your home or office using the master passcode, which cannot be changed by anyone else, perfect for managing rental properties or offices.

Intruder Alarm
If the door is forced open without a valid Tag Key or a passcode, the AP501 sounds an intruder alarm, another effective deterrent to potential intruders.

Tough Construction for Long Life
Comprising mostly metal, and weighing a sturdy six pounds, the AP501 has an exterior compartment with three main components that withstand even the extreme pressure of hammering. Additionally, metal and hard rubber parts support the Tag Key sensor, temporary power terminal, and the keypad to protect the circuitry and prevent unauthorized entry--even if these components are smashed.

For added peace of mind, the one-inch throwbolt is fortified with a five-millimeter-thick carbon core that resists sawing; the battery compartment cover is screwed closed so the batteries won't fall out if the door is slammed shut; and all the vital parts of the lock--the CPU, batteries, motor, latch control mechanism, etc.--are located in the interior unit on the secure side of the door and protected by a heavy-duty interior mounting plate that blocks access. Finally, the bypass circuitry feature protects the PCB in case of a high-voltage surge of power and ensures that the door remains secured.

Rigorously Tested For Exceptional Performance
Each and every AP501 model must undergo rigorous testing to ensure its durability and performance. Automated PCB testers verify that the circuit board is mounted and soldered correctly, every electrical connection is inspected under an x-ray microscope, and both a vibration tester and an impact tester make sure the unit can withstand a wide variety of stresses. Finally, two types of cycle tests mimic human operation of the lock to evaluate its ability to withstand heavy use over a long period of time.

User-Friendly Installation and Operation
Because it's guaranteed to fit all standard American doors with a thickness measuring between 1 3/8-inch to two inches, the AP501 only requires a Phillips screwdriver for installation.

Not a Biometric Lock
In order to ensure physical toughness, the Sunnect AP501 does not use fingerprint, iris, or voice recognition technologies which may require glass scanners or plastic covers that can be broken easily.

Popular Finishes
The Sunnect AP501 comes in three popular finishes and has a limited two-year warranty that includes the express option, so if you need a replacement lock, you don't have to return the one in use until the replacement arrives. The deadbolt can be used alone or with other door hardware (not included).

The AP501 measures 6-1/4 x 4 x 1-1/2-inches (interior unit) and 5-3/4 x 3 x 1-1/8-inches (exterior unit) (H x W x D).

What's in the Box
The Sunnect AP501 Advanced Protection digital door lock, two digital Tag Keys, four "AA" batteries, all required screws, user manual, installation manual, and warranty statement.

The choice of three finishes lets you customize your space.