“I've installed numerous deadbolt locks over the years, and the Sunnect's quality, construction and ease of installation are second to none.”

-John Forsythe, Bayville, New Jersey



“The Sunnect AP501 is a heavy-duty deadbolt lock that is easy to install and program, and it looks great. My family loves the automatic locking feature and electronic keys.”

-Gary Beaman, Stone Ridge, Virginia



“The lock is awesome! This is the first time we have ever owned a keyless lock and I am sold. It will certainly be a selling point if we ever sell our house.”

-Deeanna Martin, Riverview, Florida



“This is the best-engineered door lock I've seen!”

-Steve G., CEO of a locksmith tool company, visiting the Sunnect booth at a Locksmith Convention in Baltimore, after purchasing an AP501 for his own home.



“Last year, we watched a demonstration of your Sunnect door lock at a show and we really liked it. However, we went home empty-handed but talked a little about the lock as well as many other things we had seen. All night and the next day, I wished we had gone back and made the purchase of the Sunnect lock.

What a surprise when that next evening my husband came in and said, 'If there was one item you would have purchased from the show what would it have been?' Without hesitation I said, 'The lock.' He then pulled it out of a bag and gave it to me.

Once he installed it, I could not believe how much safer I felt in my home. I never have to get up in the middle of the night to make sure that we locked the door anymore – it locks automatically. When I come in from grocery shopping, I don’t have to fiddle with the door lock, I just use the key-stick to get in the house. But most of all, I love being able to go outside for a walk and not have to carry my keys – I can just use the keypad to come back in.

What a fantastic product this is! Thank you. I love it!”

-Pat Badore, Timonium, Maryland



“This is the most awesome lock I've ever seen!”

-Keith Duncan, Allstate Insurance agency owner and home security consultant who speaks frequently on TV and at seminars, describing the Sunnect AP501 digital door lock at the 2009 Southern Arizona Home Builders Association home security seminar



“As part of serving our clients with extreme security needs, we deploy high-end surveillance systems and ultra-secure alarm systems, but what has been lacking is a rugged and effective electronic lock solution. From our testing of the unit we have acquired, the Sunnect AP501 meets all of our needs and the needs of the clients that we foresee in the future.”

-Stephen Weatherly, CISSP, Chief Security Consultant, Wise Guy Solutions, LLC, an information security consulting company, after testing the Sunnect AP501 digital door lock for their clients



“Despite the late hour and the holiday weekend, soon after I sent my e-mail, I received a call from your [technician]. He quickly and clearly walked me through the solution - my contractor had installed the strike plate upside down and the "handing" was reversed. I can't tell you how much I appreciated this call. I was dreading a three-day weekend of uncertainty (and limited security). I can now enjoy my cool new lock right away. Thanks again for the excellent customer service!”

-A.S., An attorney in Washington D.C., after receiving technical support on the Memorial Day weekend



“Thank you for making this lock! I love it and I am going to specify it for my clients.”

-Angela P., Architect, visiting the Sunnect booth at the 2009 Architectural Digest/The New York Times Home Design show



“The Sunnect electronic door lock is a very impressive product. .... It is built like a tank, is a dream to install and operate, and for what you get, has a price point that will make anyone smile. If you do any kind of standalone lock installations, you owe it to yourself and your potential customers to take a look at the Sunnect product. I think if you do, you will be as impressed with this product as I am, and I can assure you that this one I’m keeping.”

-Richard Dickey, The National Locksmith Magazine, a leading trade publication serving the locksmith industry,   "A Completely New Design for an Electronic Deadbolt from Sunnect Inc"  January 2009



“I have been in this business for 50 years. Not much excites me anymore. This [Sunnect AP501] is exciting!”

-Larry G., a SVP of sales at a midwestern door lock manufacturer, visiting the Sunnect booth at the 2008 Door and Hardware Institute Expo



“Sunnect AP501 digital deadbolt locks combine looks with performance.”

-Gale Johnson, Editor-in-Chief, the Locksmith Ledger International, a leading trade publication serving the locksmith industry, "Digital Deadbolt by Sunnect" September 2008



“I've worked with many locks over the years, and I haven't had this much fun showing a product [as] I am now having showing the AP501.”

-Rico Torres, President, 24 Hour Locksmith, Houston, Texas



“In my 30 years in the locksmith business, I have seen quite a few residential door locks and the Sunnect AP501 is by far the very best. I installed the very first AP501 we got at my own home and my family absolutely loves it! It’s so well-made we can’t find a fault in this lock.”

-Ken Berkley, Manager of the 20 service centers at Baldino’s Lock and Key



“Anyone who comes in contact with the AP501 will immediately appreciate its beautiful style and rock-solid construction. You get a sense of security and durability. Sunnect’s attention to detail is meticulous. For instance, you can enter extraneous random digits before entering your real passcode if someone might be watching you.”

-Alex Huynh, Principal, Cydus LLC



“The AP501 is the best digital door lock available today. Our partners, customers, and reviewers have all given a big thumbs-up for the AP501. The tank-tough construction is simply unforgettable.”

-Dennis O’Donnell, Vice President, AP501.com, who has been marketing digital door locks since 2004